Duranne Creating Magic Everyday!

What I do

  • Epoxy pour tables
  • Epoxy pour bartops
  • Epoxy pour furniture tops
  • Epoxy charcuterie boards
  • Epoxy Aloha Balance Boards
  • Epoxy wall clocks
  • Epoxy wall art
  • Completely revamp old boring furniture
  • Upcycle old furniture into something new
  • Restore ugly furniture into beauty
  • You dream it I create it
What I do
Epoxy Creations

Epoxy Creations

Epoxy pour designs dive you into shimmery ocean waves or dreamy scenes that look like minerals on mesmerizing water! I’ve spent my life living by the ocean, in the ocean, around the ocean and my Epoxy Creations cause you to slow down and swim into these beautifully poured pieces!

A bit of who I am

Take this surfer beach girl add in a lifetime of creating art, add 3 heaping decades of upcycling-repairing-restoring furniture, add 3 decade dashes using epoxy resins, bring these skills together and I have some of the most beautiful creative pieces for my customers!

A bit of who I am
My Craft

My Craft

What is unique? No two creations are the same, each piece is uniquely created just for you.

Do I do Custom Work? Yes, I do. Most of my work is custom from small charcuterie boards or epoxy wall clocks on up to huge projects!

What am I most Proud of? My goal to dive into adding the epoxy element into my furniture restoration business and I went out of my comfort zone to add a completely different component to my craft and it’s been a whirlwind of success and dreamy fun!!!

Willow Creations OC, Where I Take Something Boring and Create Magic.
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If you would like to find out more information, please contact me via email or through my social media pages.

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